At the invitation of Arno Coenen, known from, among others, the market hall in Rotterdam, Art Core Encounters worked together on the competition for the art sound barrier in Blaricum.

Born and raised Blaricummer Charlotte van der Heiden, Art Core Encounters, has lovingly worked on this art concept. She was given the opportunity to return her view of the beautiful village of Blaricum in an appropriate art project in collaboration with Arno Coenen.

The view on the noise barrier at the
Blaricummermeent is perceived as
unpleasent. The cause is a messy
with graffiti covered wall. In this 
design visual art is presented as
a systematic and efficient solution. 



Current situation is that the noise barrier now is perceived as not tasteful by the detrimental graffiti, and the immature green cover.

Moreover, the removal of the graffiti leads to high costs. The green final image needs a few more years to fully come into its own. The desire here is to use the new created artwork to reinforce the title of art city 2018 as to promote Blaricum and Businesspark27


Blaricum has long been an attractive township because of its gently sloping green landscapes and central location in a busy urban surrounding. The variety of heath, forest, beach, green village center with wandering streets and typical the flamboyant and open population makes Blaricum charming.  


Over time Blaricum has attracted painters, artists, scientist and well-to-do people. Famous dutch artists like Evert Pieters, Anton Mauve, the brothers Dooijerwaard and Piet Mondriaan have been established in Blaricum.

The lovely green scenery and creative climate have led to several creative and scientific inspirational breakthroughs. With the arrival of national television studios, the number of Dutch celebrities in Blaricum increased. Such as television phenomena Mies Bouwman, Tom Manders, Willem Duys, Paul de leeuw and John de Mol.


Since the problem is conceived as an aesthetic experience, visual art seems to be an ideal solution, also for the budgetary reasons. Adding art is cheaper than removing graffiti.


How do we prevent new cluttering through art? From the highway, the crystal produces striking and attractive figureheads and marks Blaricum through a modest surface.

The crystals offer a contemporary attractive visual language that, in addition to the committed graffiti from the highway, yields a consistent image without disturbing eyes as long as the green cover has not yet taken over the artwork and to  discourage new graffiti perpetrators.

 Contemporary visual language also aims to discourage new graffiti perpetrators. As a result, the reciprocal problem of graffiti placement is broadened. 


The traditionally agricultural farmers and residents meet each other every year during horse events and folk games. The love for nature is expressed in this. Old crafts and art-historical awareness go hand in hand and have come back to life in the last two decades. This results in a clear identity experience. Blaricummers are interwoven with their national identity and rich art and media history.

3 sketches rendered in the existing situation:


Several crystal designs are included in the proposal. This creates the possibility to build up the sound screen in phases with growth ribbons so that the sound screen develops into an integral backdrop for the Blaricum canon. This not only provides a continuation of the Blaricum decor along the A27. 


In Blaricum itself, smaller images of crystals can be placed virally on Instagram-worthy hotspots and possibly  in thirty works of art to launch the new recruited Blaricum art crystals so that support, recognisability and publicity is generated. Examples include the Erfgooierboom works of art, the sculptures of Cor and Willem Vos, the sheep on the village street, the Klarenbeek Park, on the table mountain and the ‘Venus and Adonis’ in Park Bijvanck


To further propagate and commercialise the Blaricum canon, the crystal designs can be translated into various merchandise products. These can be sold at fixed locations but also during the many events throughout the year. Placemats, postcards, erasers, notebooks and pens at Blaricumse Boekhandel. T-shirts, wine glasses, jewellery and car air fresheners during events such as the art route, village games, city and country riders competitions, farmers and asparagus days, the pleasant wine route and the Blaricum Music Festival.