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Feddow Claassen is a visual artist, designer and inventor. He lives and works in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Feddow Claassen is endlessly inspired by reflections. His mirrors capture the thoughts and ideas of the viewer; “I see a man in the mirror who thinks about what he sees. But do I really see a thought or do I look at the reflection of what I think? ”

Physical reflections arise from the refraction of light on a mirror surface. But most reflections are invisible and take place within our own confrontation with ourselves.

“If I scratch my head with my right hand and look in the mirror, I will never find out what is real. My reflection does the same with my left hand, but I can never figure out which hand is scratching the reflection. The second interpretation of the truth is always more interesting than the first. “

Feddow Claassen studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. As a photographer, he moved his workplace to New York City for a few years.

Back in the Netherlands, he worked as an industrial designer and designer of products for various companies and labels. He set up exhibitions for many Dutch and Belgian museums, including state museums, Naturalis, Open Air Museum and the Amsterdam municipal archive.

He increasingly focused on autonomous work in which reflections and mirroring occupied a constant central position.

In an increasingly clear digital age, Feddow’s fascinations for reflections and mirroring develop into  installation works with new media, video projections and light art.

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