Inspiration brings people to a new realm

Windows of the mind

By Charlotte van der Heiden

Entrance Luxor-temple

Something happens to you when an important inspirator passes away. Someone who has set you in motion to choose the beauty and inspiration for the rest of your life.

For me that is Paul van den Berg mavo teacher French and a passionate person. Passionate about life and everything that can be admired in it.

From his heartand the bottom of his toes, he stood in front of the class to stir and move you. Not only to let you learn the basics but also to get everything out of life and to touch you with beauty the basics but also to get everything out of life and to touch you with beauty

He layed on the tables in class several times to take us into the world he admires.It was often Tutankhamun who he told us about.Lying on the two wavy tables, arms crossed and told us about the miracle that happened 2000 years ago.The world thatopened for him.  

The world of the Pharaohs and what it meant for him to be able to touch that world and what stories and astonishment he had about the beauty that was being driven there and how tangibly such a journey through time meant to him. 

 With arms crossed on his chest, he opened a new world for me as amavo student.Onethat I could touch and taste and of which I suddenly had the idea of ​​being part of it. 

That of greatness and creation.Paul was great to me because of his passion and the shameless love for the life with which he told his stories. 

The Louvre in Paris were Paul van den Berg visited Tutankhamon multiple times

In addition, he immediately spoke to you about your abilities, what you have in you and which you as a teenager often found difficult to set into words. Just because you were an adolescent and the big world outside the mavo classrooms seemed unreachable.

Being so direct, out of love and sympathy,that was so powerful and tangible throughout the whole room. He was really present and pushed the energy to where he found it necessary.

I learned so much from it.He made sure that I studied in my room for hours and days.He really made you responsible for your own grades and challenged you to do your best. 

Because of this I got a fat 8 on my final exam.This ensured that I had the opportunity to go to HAVO and that I also passed my final exams here in a relaxed way. 

After that I had the opportunity to study and I also took the opportunity to eventually choose theart academy. 

Because he showed me that you can participate in it, be part of it, even if you only fantasize about what touches you and inspires you. 

And here I am moping now.Because 2 months ago I spontaneously thanked him on my knees that he did this and moved me. 

To stir me, because that moved him that way and he wanted to show how beautiful and inspiring life on this globe is and how you can enjoy it.Celebrating life, passing on the stories and throwing his passion into space.Jesus, he had a passion for that. 

Now I am making new plans for my ArtCoreEncountersin my studio.To teach artists and designers how to tell their inspiring stories, to passionate a larger audience for your work and thus to enhance your beauty and enthusiasm for the world. 

But now I am quiet. 

The storm is coming, because I had intended myself when I sat on my knees in front of his wheelchair that if he did not do it anymore, I would take over the teacher’s stick. 

Hereby Paul. You have really passed on something that is permanent and has moved many students. I wish you all the peace and renewed energy up there to rock again. I love you. 

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