Allergic to suspended ceilings

Do you work more effectively in a sterile office?

By Nour Bouyenzar, Art Core Encounters.

The innate emotional need to be in and around nature is called biophilia. Literally "love life". Every person is born with this.

Biophilic design is a
way to bring this biophilia to the surface
in people. We are experiencing more and more work pressure nowadays, which increases
the need for a biophilic designed working environment.

Now I hear you thinking: “so, many plants in the office”
Among other things!

There is so much more “biophilic” than just plants. Natural light, fresh air, a pleasant temperature, rippling water, contact with organic elements and inspiring images all play a role. .

Do you find it important what influence a workspace has on you? If you work in a sterile office with only a desk and a chair, it seems that you can concentrate better. Yet that is not entirely true. It is important that you experience versatility in your workspace. This allows you to regularly give yourself the right distraction. In a room with objects and objects that positively stimulate your senses. Where you can catch your breath and open your eyes to the rest of the world. .

The most important thing is that you you feel intuitively at ease.. Biophilic design has developed to such an extent that more factors are involved than purely organically designed furniture and materials. A biophilic design gives you calmness and a secure feeling. This reduces the workload. .

Do you know where your mind works?

If you ask someone what their favorite place on earth is, you very nearly get the answer: “my workplace” and that is a shame since you spend most of your time at work. By integrating biophilic design in your workplace you will notice that you experience more peace. This is because the biophilia is stimulated. Sensory spaces on the work floorcan also offer you peace and a safe feeling during working hours and give you a sense of security. This is because you apply structure and balance in your life.

Spaces that stimulate all of your senses re good for you, both mentally and physically. You remain more alert because you constantly appeal to different senses. This makes you more aware of what is happening around you in your daily life and you take action faster.  

Spaces where you can retreat have a positive effect on your body, which improves your mental state. There are people who work from home. They can find a break during working hours. Why would others not be able to do that?  

Do not confuse the relaxation areas with the concentration areas. It often goes wrong when you associate work with relaxation. Make sure you offer separate spaces. If this does not work, you can always split the space. It is important that you are aware of what exactly you are doing where. So do not use the concentration room to relax. Your brain finds this difficult. You will notice that it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate on the spot.

Sensorial rooms in a office. Source Interface

LandscapeFlowers#05, by Saskia Boelsums ✶ Artist of the Year 2020.

Sound, touch, smell and taste stimuli that consciously evoke a positive reference with nature, living systems and natural processes. The direct, non-visual presence of natural elements in a space or place. Think of wind, sounds, smells of plants, water and animals.

Create your own sensory office  

Alternation textures and different types of light in the workspace are not only for distraction but also for your relaxation and well-being.

Laying down a soft cushioning carpet and a nesting couch where you are separated from the world around you gives effect. It is important that diversity is experienced nd that you can ‘choose’ where you stand every day.

Not every space can be designed according to all principles. Adding a number of elements can therefore already be a major improvement.

The use of biophilic design is also possible in smaller spaces. It is best to find a corner where little or no use is made. Because of this you do not have to adjust very much and you can transform a small area into something that feels safe, feels homely and full of inspiration and feels homely.

You can also use light. This allows you to partially darken or lighten the space you have. Use indirect mood light or colored light. Warm light has a relaxing effect, while cool light can actually make you feel energetic.

Garra rufa vissen werken lichamelijk en mentaal rustgevend. Niemand is er allergisch voor en de elegante vissen zijn een centraal aandachtspunt.

Garra rufa fish are soothing physically and mentally. Nobody is allergic to it and the elegant fish are a central point of attention.

Full focus requested

A relaxation room with various stimuli is essential. You can choose where you want to go at that moment. If you have a day that you don’t feel good or like yourself, you can choose to sit in a separate room. You can think of a place to concentrate or a place to have fun. You are not supposed to associate the resting place with work .

The google office in Amsterdam uses sensory spaces.

If you have to concentrate it is nice when you can do that in a quiet room. It depends on your personal preference whether you prefer to sit alone or in a room full of colleagues. Using a flexible concentration room
with little or no noise can help in this.

Productivity increase as you can focus on your work. By means of such a flex space you can choose whether you want to work alone. Or that you share a room with a colleague.

Determining your own personal work posture yourself has a positive effect. An ergonomic work posture is better for your body. To work while standing up even has many advantages: higher productivity, better blood circulation, reduces back and neck complaints and it ensures that you get through the day with more energy.

Make an inspirational round

Art and design bring visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences into the space. You can think of the placement of a work with different colors and textures. This stimulates the visual and kinesthetic senses

In this way you create a central point where the employees can rest their eyes. Adding an artwork is not just to brighten up the workspace. It inspires.

Art offers a window on social, political and economic aesthetics from all over the world. This makes it an inspiring point of view for your organization in which new ideas are developed for your customers in response to what is happening in the world.

Tribes Tribes Rotterdam Central Station: These high-class workplaces are inspired by the Huli, a tribe whose fascinating traditions and artifacts provide a constant source of inspiration during your visit. The services that Tribes offer are: office spaces, coworking, meeting rooms and a business address.

Rabbit’s Paradise, 2014, by Marie Cecile Thijs. Haar solo expositie is nog tot 10 januari 2020 te zien bij in Amsterdam.

Tribes Eindhoven Airport (inspired by the MasaÏ tribe).

Speaking flowers

Simple additions such as placing a sparkling colored vase where you use beautiful fresh flowers already have a lot of impact. You can use natural elements . his way. The flowers are the visual seducers. And if you’re lucky, they also smell nice!

By subtly separating a space, you create a soothing working atmosphere. This makes it easy for you to work with colleagues or alone. Source Interface.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Eelco van den Berg is a Dutch contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator. He is known for psychedelic landscapes and motifs of flora and fauna.

He was always busy with drawing animals and similar themes. His work is usually drawn by hand and stands out with his strong use of color, motifs, contours and decorative illustrative elements in a surreal pop art style. 

With his murals, he wants to present nature in the city. His beautiful work can be admired in the streets of Rotterdam, New York and many more large cities.

 A virtual visit to his work is also possible at: On social media he can be found as: @IAMEELCO. 

Rabbit thief by @iameelco

Mural and sculpture on the corner of Bloemkwekersstraat and Nieuwe Binnenweg at Rotterdam, The Netherlands by @iameelco.

The office from the present

When you thought about the office of the future a few years ago, you probably thought of numerous technological developments such as helpful devices and robots. But that remains science fiction.

However, we humans still prefer our direct desire for convenience over our well-being. And thereby neglecting our human need to be in contact with nature.

Fortunately, biophilic design shows us that we can do better. Natural elements are almost indispensable in today’s office. Smooth lines, appropriate use of color and the use of sensory spaces are all part of the offices that are now shooting up from the ground.

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