Founder Charlotte van der Heiden graduated from art school (graphic design) and communication. She is a senior marketing communication consultant and designer, driving her DC agency for more than a decade.

Art Core Encounters commit to corporate clients and international art lovers to enhance artists’ businesses and to develop international roadmapping for Dutch artists and designers.

Art Core Encounters is a creative project agency specialized in art productions in real estate, brands and professional contents. Art Core Business guards the aesthetic qualities as well as the project direction and construction works.

Brand identity and marketing communication can also be provided for launch activities, long-term content and public relations production.

Let your business prosper with creativity!

Charlotte van der Heiden
Art Core Encounters

O U R  S T A R S T R E A M

Feddow Claassen
light artist

Arno Coenen
visual artist

Sabine Bolk
batik artist

Eelco van den Berg
street artist

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